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Program Program Behaviors
  • Melon rub
  • Cheek Kiss
  • Single or Group hug
  • Hand shake
  • Various Playtime/Mimics
Program Times Every day. (Times can and may vary.)
  • 2023 TIMES
  • 08:45 A.M.--please arrive by 8:30 A.M.
  • 10:30 A.M.--please arrive by 10:15 A.M.
  • 12:30 P.M.--please arrive by 12:15 P.M.
  • 02:00 P.M.--please arrive by 1:45 P.M.
  • 03:15 P.M.--please arrive by 3:00 P.M.
  • Program Times may vary by season, some time slots may be unavailable. Call 305.289.9975 for more information.
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Come and enjoy the company of our wonderful dolphins as they welcome you right in their own natural habitats! Experience first-hand the connection of a lifetime, while our marine mammal specialists guide you through all of the fun and excitement. While having fun, you will also gain important knowledge about conservation and education about bottlenose dolphins that you can take with you.

Following a brief educational session into the world of our dolphins, conservation and a mini demonstration on proper hand placements for each behavior to better prepare our guests. Our Dolphin Encounter program at Dolphin Connection is one of the best activities offered in the beautiful Florida Keys! Our Dolphin Encounter program is specially designed for visitors of all ages looking for an in-water experience with a dolphin. It is also the go-to program to accommodate all families, teams or groups. In this program, guests will be able to experience multiple behaviors, including an unforgettable hug, become a trainer with the infamous Hand Target behavior, and a heartfelt handshake with our playful grey friends. Guests will be standing on a submerged platform for the entirety of the program. You will learn about the Dolphin's skills, strength, agility and intelligence. Our talented photographers will be capturing your experience throughout the program.

Our facility is in a natural lagoon. Observation areas are located in multiple locations around the lagoon. Not all swimming areas and interactive platforms are able to be seen unobstructed. Platform selection is done based on guest count and program type. Due to the variability of our dolphins and natural habitat we can not ensure clear views for non participants. The best view of all is in one of our programs as a guest.  We recommend parents to participate with minors if concerned about views from outside on the observation deck.  We do not guarantee all participants will be in full line of sight at all times during our programs due to the habitat set up.


Participants of all ages may participate in the Dolphin Encounter program.  Children under 48 inches tall must be accompanied by a paying adult. (1 adult per child).  Children over 48 inches can participate alone in the Encounter Program, although an adult accompaniment is highly recommended. Children under 39 inches are no charge and need to be accompanied by an adult. (1 adult per child)   For safety reasons, pregnant women are not permitted to participate in water activities, dockside only. Guests with any medical restrictions, special needs, fish allergies please contact us at 305-289-9975 to notify staff.  Photos are included with the price. All Jewelry of any kind must be removed prior to participation.

Additional information

For the dolphin’s health and safety, all jewelry must be removed prior to the beginning of the program. For liability reasons, NO personal cameras, GoPros, cell phones or any any electronic items/devices are permitted on the docks or in the water at anytime, on/during/or after program. These items are approved to have at our observation deck and overlook areas for any observers. For your convenience, staff photographers are present at each program. Participants our highly encouraged to check-in at the Dolphin Connection facility 15 minutes prior to their program time. We recommend coming program ready and with a towel, shoes, and excitement. Life Vest are provided and mandatory. (Wetsuits are only provided in winter months on a first come, first serve basis. Guest can bring their own if preferred.)

Photo codes sent are valid for 30 days for digital download from Dolphin Memories.  Please make sure photos are downloaded in that time frame.

Cancellation Policy

No Refunds. All dolphin interactive experiences are Non Refundable.

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*No Programs offered on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day, due to facility being closed